I'm a writer, dramaturg and organizer working in the fields of performative arts and literature. My work deals with non-binary parenthood, our shared ancestry with other cellular life forms. As a dramaturg I aim to be kind and precise, holding space for the creative process and it's ongoingness. I love working with dramaturgy because I get to work with meaningfulness. I get to witness others uncover the meaning in their art, life and writing.

Together with performance artist and educator Teo Ala-Ruona we form a duo working with speculative fiction. We make performances and organize writing work shops that combine writing practice, somatics and body work.

As an organizer and educator I strive to create spaces where rest, play and critical thinking are possible and encouraged. Once every week I host the Queer Writing Group, a collective online writing practice initiated by author and producer Mira Eskelinen in 2021.

Work as a critic

I also work as a critic in NVL arvostelupalvelu. If you need feedback on your story, script, play, essay, poetry collection, children's book, comic book etc, you can request that you would like to have me read and review your work. Contact: arvostelupalvelu@nvl.fi